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GoPro mounts for your hang glider

Are you having trouble getting that GoPro installed properly on your hang glider? The mounts you have don’t fit well? Are they custom made from parts found in Home Depot, or other do-it-yourself stores? Look no further! Get the mount you need, made specifically for your glider, and at a great price.

These mounts are made to be easy and fast to install. They can even be stored with the glider if you’d like.

Rubber padding makes them stay in place without having to do any work.

They are fairly small and lightweight, made on-demand and just for you.

If you don’t see what you need, it’s either not been done yet, or in the works. In any case, you can contact me or you can always order a custom piece through 3D Hubs. Find a 3D drawing software and upload the STL file here:

Order a 3D Print