Flying a big wing

It was last weekend, I wanted to get some airtime, and so I was planning on going to Dunlap or McClure for a day trip. My glider was at a friend’s storage nearby. The night before I tried to get a hold of the key, but the guys with the key were not around. I tried to contact them again in the morning to get the key, but I was unsuccessful. I thought I wasn’t going to fly that weekend. As I was having my cup of coffee that morning, I started chatting about it with Zac and he said I could borrow his continue reading: Flying a big wing

Consuegra, Spain

Over the Christmas break in Spain, I was looking for a place to fly. I own a Tecma Medium 13 (equivalent to the Falcon 145), so I wanted to find a place, not too far from where I stay, where I can go fly. I was looking for a place where I could go by myself without needing a retrieval, etc… And so I found Consuegra. This place is perfect, double-ridged, 300-foot. An hour and 20 minutes away. Easy access to the top with a parking lot, and a road down at the bottom of the hill. Empty fields, miles continue reading: Consuegra, Spain