Airline travel with a hang glider

I was very nervous about traveling with my hang gliders, but I was relocating, so I had no choice. The process ended up being a lot easier and cheaper than I expected. This is my experience. Breaking down The “short pack” process was not hard, just a little tedious. The first step is to remove the leading edge, consult your manual, each glider is a little different. Remove the outer leading edge and mark “left” and “right” Protect the aluminum, get 2″ PVC pipe cups from the hardware store Fold the sail inside. The glider should now be aprox 3.5 continue reading: Airline travel with a hang glider

XC from Mission to Evergreen

Sunday, September 25th, 11:00 am. Zac calls me and tells me to come to Mission, meet at the parking lot at 12. I told him that it looked too north, but he said it was ok, and we should try to go XC, maybe Gilroy or beyond. I said “I don’t know…” he said, “why not?”, I said, “ok!”. Right after that, I got my gear and went to Mission. We set up and launched by 1:30 or so. And as soon as I launched, I went down. As I kept on losing altitude, I headed over to RC Hill and fond a small thermal. I worked continue reading: XC from Mission to Evergreen

Dunlap XC to the “pizza place”

Launched at 15:00 into the house thermal and quickly climbed up above launch. I wanted to wait for the rest of the guys, but it was very turbulent and rowdy. So I went back and forth, sinking and thermalling for a while. Soon after launching, the rest of the guys starting flying as well. After about 20 minutes I decided to go to the far right end of the ridge. I lost altitude getting there, but I persisted and found a couple of thermals that helped me recover my lost altitude. I decided to go XC to the pizza place continue reading: Dunlap XC to the “pizza place”

Tips for Soaring Indian Valley

Tips from Pilot-X about flying Indian Valley I’ve been regularly flying I.V. for over 20 years, and it’s one of my favorite places to mountain thermal. Over the years, I’ve figured out a number of strategies for staying out of the bailout and getting up – something that’s become more important in the past year, with the changing status of the bailout LZ. All of the following tips will have exceptions given specific conditions of the day, but they really work for me – I haven’t taken a sledder in IV for a long time. Tip #1 – Don’t linger continue reading: Tips for Soaring Indian Valley

Short XC at Mt Diablo

I just got my new XWings Harness, and I can’t want to take it out for a flight! Diablo looked like it could epic. A bunch of us showed up, more than usual. We set up and started launching. I got ready, like I always do, leaned forward, and started flying! The first reaction with the new harness was interesting. It felt stiff, compared to my cocoon. But I wanted to get as much as I could out of this flight. I noticed that turning, pulling, and pushing, felt a little different and I’ll need to learn a new technique. continue reading: Short XC at Mt Diablo

Dunlap Fun!

A few weeks ago some friends and I planned a trip to Dunlap for this past weekend. As the weekend got closer, it was clear that it would rain on Sunday. So we decided to give it a try anyway on Saturday. It ended up being a great day! Dunlap is about 3.5 hours away from home, I carpooled with a friend and his wife. That morning was a little hectic. Every time I carpool I want to be sure I don’t leave anything behind. With all this going on, I accidentally took my Harley Davidson helmet instead of my continue reading: Dunlap Fun!

Christmas Season 2016-2017

I have a hang glider there that I bought a couple of years ago; I go there often. It’s an older 145sq/ft single surface glider. Tecma-Sport Medium 13. Last year I decided to remove the cables before coming back to the States and having them redone. They’re 20 years old, hehe. I had Pat Donovan redo them (actually Brian who works for him). I was a little nervous when installing them back, maybe they wouldn’t fit, too short, too long.. but they did fit perfectly, Pat did a great job. So the first thing I did after installing them was continue reading: Christmas Season 2016-2017

Flying adventure at Mt Diablo

A small group of pilots went to Diablo this past Sunday, there was only five of us, and we had a blast. It was not an easy day, though. I struggled at first to get over the launch but finally made it. I followed Zac to the thermal and up I went. I flew over towers, big gaps, and circled like I never circled before. Everyone ended up at Brentwood, I did not. I was at about 4000 MSL over the towers, Zac was at eyesight. I wanted to follow him, but he’s fast, every time I blinked my eyes, he was further. continue reading: Flying adventure at Mt Diablo

Flying at St John Mountain.

I had a great time flying at St John, although it was not a good soaring day. I launched in a very light headwind, and the cycles were very, very weak and far apart. It was ok, I ran and launched fine. I turned left and went to the switchbacks, as I was told, and in indeed I found some lift. I never got over launch altitude, but that’s ok, I climbed enough to keep on going. It was fun cycling with someone else. Ben and I got very close circling in the same thermal, but he’s someone with a lot of experience and I continue reading: Flying at St John Mountain.

Demo Days 2016 weekend at Crestline

Steve and I carpooled to Crestline, We meat Joey there the next day. I went to Crestline for the Demo Days this year wanting to test fly a higher performance glider than the one that I have. I didn’t want to jump right into the topless T2C, so I asked to demo a U2 instead. And my experience with it was not the best, it was not what I was expecting. The sail is a145 sq/feet and I currently fly a Sport 2 135. I felt small for the glider. I did notice how well this glider thermals, though, but I continue reading: Demo Days 2016 weekend at Crestline