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Mount Diablo: Early XC Route – Part 1

This is a VERY basic description of the first leg of one of the common XC routes from Diablo. While there are certainly some good things to learn from this description and map (and a more detailed look from GE) don’t think you now have enough info to try this route without some type of escort. There are a number of obstacles not adequately explained in this description, but it’s a good start. First, is the beginning point – North Peak. For a glider like yours, it’s pretty important that North Peak be the launching point for XC in this direction. You continue reading: Mount Diablo: Early XC Route – Part 1

Flying a big wing

It was last weekend, I wanted to get some airtime, and so I was planning on going to Dunlap or McClure for a day trip. My glider was at a friend’s storage nearby. The night before I tried to get a hold of the key, but the guys with the key were not around. I tried to contact them again in the morning to get the key, but I was unsuccessful. I thought I wasn’t going to fly that weekend. As I was having my cup of coffee that morning, I started chatting about it with Zac and he said I could borrow his continue reading: Flying a big wing

Consuegra, Spain

Over the Christmas break in Spain, I was looking for a place to fly. I own a Tecma Medium 13 (equivalent to the Falcon 145), so I wanted to find a place, not too far from where I stay, where I can go fly. I was looking for a place where I could go by myself without needing a retrieval, etc… And so I found Consuegra. This place is perfect, double-ridged, 300-foot. An hour and 20 minutes away. Easy access to the top with a parking lot, and a road down at the bottom of the hill. Empty fields, miles continue reading: Consuegra, Spain