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Dunlap Fun!

A few weeks ago some friends and I planned a trip to Dunlap for this past weekend. As the weekend got closer, it was clear that it would rain on Sunday. So we decided to give it a try anyway on Saturday. It ended up being a great day! Dunlap is about 3.5 hours away from home, I carpooled with a friend and his wife. That morning was a little hectic. Every time I carpool I want to be sure I don’t leave anything behind. With all this going on, I accidentally took my Harley Davidson helmet instead of my continue reading: Dunlap Fun!

Christmas Season 2016-2017

I just came back from Spain (this past weekend), visiting family and friends. It was a good time, good experience. As some of you know, I have a hang glider there that I bought a couple of years ago; I go there often. It’s an older 145sq/ft single surface glider. Tecma-Sport Medium 13. Last year I decided to remove the cables before coming back to the States and having them redone. They’re 20 years old, hehe. I had Pat Donovan redo them (actually Brian who works for him). I was a little nervous when installing them back, maybe they wouldn’t continue reading: Christmas Season 2016-2017

Flying adventure at Mt Diablo

A small group of pilots went to Diablo this past Sunday, there was only five of us, and we had a blast. It was not an easy day, though. I struggled at first to get over launch, but finally made it. I followed Zac to the thermal and up I went. I flew over towers, big gaps, and circled like I never circled before. Everyone ended up at Brentwood, I did not. I was at about 4000 MSL over the towers, Zac was at eye sight. I wanted to follow him, but he’s fast, every time I blinked my eyes, he was further. continue reading: Flying adventure at Mt Diablo

Flying at St John Mountain.

I had a great time flying at St John, although it was not a good soaring day. I launched in a very light head wind, and the cycles were very very week and far apart. It was ok, I ran and launched fine. I turned left and went to the switchbacks, as I was told, and in indeed I found some lift. I did not ever got over launch altitude, but that’s ok, I climbed enough to keep on going. It was fun cycling with someone else. Ben and I got very close circling in the same thermal, but he’s someone with a lot of continue reading: Flying at St John Mountain.

Demo Days 2016 weekend at Crestline

Steve and I carpooled to Crestline, We meat Joey there the next day. I went to Crestline for the Demo Days this year wanting to test fly a higher performance glider than the one that I have. I didn’t want to jump right into the topless T2C, so I asked to demo a U2 instead. And my experience with it was not the best, it was not what I was expecting. The sail is a145 sq/feet and I currently fly a Sport 2 135. I felt small for the glider. I did notice how well this glider thermals, though, but I continue reading: Demo Days 2016 weekend at Crestline

Flying a big wing

It was last weekend, I wanted to get some airtime, and so I was planning on going to Dunlap or McClure for a day trip. My glider was at a storage nearby. The night before I tried to get a hold of the key, but the guys with the key were not around. I tried to contact them again in the morning to get the key, but I was unsuccessful. I thought I wasn’t going to fly that weekend. As I was having my cup of coffee that morning, I started chatting about it with Zac and he said I could borrow his continue reading: Flying a big wing

Consuegra, Spain

Over the Christmas break in Spain, I was looking for a place to fly. I own a Tecma Medium 13 (equivalent to the Falcon 145), so I wanted to find a place, not too far from where I stay, where I can go fly. I was looking for a place where I could go by myself without needing a retrieval, etc… And so I found Consuegra. This place is perfect, double ridged, 300 foot. An hour and 20 minutes away. Easy access to the top with a parking lot, and a road down at the bottom of the hill. Empty continue reading: Consuegra, Spain