Dunlap XC to the “pizza place”

Launched at 15:00 into the house thermal and quickly climbed up above launch. I wanted to wait for the rest of the guys, but it was very turbulent and rowdy. So I went back and forth, sinking and thermalling for a while. Soon after launching, the rest of the guys starting flying as well.

After about 20 minutes I decided to go to the far right end of the ridge. I lost altitude getting there, but I persisted and found a couple of thermals that helped me recover my lost altitude. I decided to go XC to the pizza place but very quickly regretted it and turned back. Then I thought about it again, and since I knew about the bailout LZ behind the ranger station, I decided to get more altitude and just go! Soham was there and I was asking him to come, but we had some radio technicalities and I went by myself.

I started crossing the valley, flying over the smaller ridges and found small bubbles that helped. I left the main ridge at about 5,400 ft and made it to the other side at about 4,200 ft. At that point, I had the bailout right next to me, so I kept on going.

I kept on going further and as soon as I got to the mountain in front of me, I found another thermal. I kept going and going, finding small thermals along the way, and as soon as I realized it, I had the pizza place on glide. Then it was just easy. The air started getting very smooth, I found lift in between the pizza place and the mountain peak, smooth thermals that did not go very fast or very high, but still went up smoothly. I topped that last one out at about 4,700ft and kept going. I passed the pizza place at about 3500ft, that’s when I decided to just chill, let it sink and land.

Fun day!

Full flight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JiJ80a-sA0

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