Short XC at Mt Diablo

I just got my new XWings Harness, and I can’t want to take it out for a flight! Diablo looked like it could epic. A bunch of us showed up, more than usual. We set up and started launching. I got ready, like I always do, leaned forward, and started flying! The first reaction with the new harness was interesting. It felt stiff, compared to my cocoon. But I wanted to get as much as I could out of this flight. I noticed that turning, pulling, and pushing, felt a little different and I’ll need to learn a new technique.

As I started gaining altitude, I decided that I wanted to go XC. I didn’t go too far; while most people went 45+ miles, I landed just beyond the trailer park, 7.4 miles from launch. It was exciting! My very first XC flight! Leaving the Mountian to the “unknown”. Glad I looked on Google Earth, and I had also advice from the Diablo guys. Being on the radio was also helpful.

The other guys went way farther, but they went straight over the back. I went to the right, always making sure I followed the roads. I’ll more adventurous next time!

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