Demo Days 2016 weekend at Crestline

Steve and I carpooled to Crestline, We meat Joey there the next day.


I went to Crestline for the Demo Days this year wanting to test fly a higher performance glider than the one that I have. I didn’t want to jump right into the topless T2C, so I asked to demo a U2 instead. And my experience with it was not the best, it was not what I was expecting.


The sail is a145 sq/feet and I currently fly a Sport 2 135. I felt small for the glider. I did notice how well this glider thermals, though, but I had difficulty starting a turn. This is the main reason I did not want to get too close to the ridge. It is a stiff glider (at least to me it felt that way), and so I did not want to play with the VG, I don’t have a lot of time with the Sport at this moment, and maybe the lack of experience was also a factor. Overall, launching, landing, and thermalling were very easy, handling was a bit difficult. Here’s the entire flight:

The next days I decided to fly my Sport 2. The day was not ideal for flying, it was cloudy and rainy. We did manage to fly anyway, launched from Marshal, I only got about 20 minutes of flight time, a lot less than what I wanted.


Here’s the flight log: and the video:

On Sunday I had a blast. Two flights, the first one sucked, and the second one was really good. Here’s the video of both combined


I had a very loud flutter going on at my wing tips, so Steve Pearson took my glider to the shop to get speed batons in. I’ll get the glider back next month at the Demo Days here in the Bay Area

Here’s the landing of that last flight.

I had also the pleasure to fly with one of my favorite pilots, Jonathan Diech! Not sure how he did it, but we circled together and after a couple of turns, and he was gone!





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