Flying a big wing

It was last weekend, I wanted to get some airtime, and so I was planning on going to Dunlap or McClure for a day trip. My glider was at a friend’s storage nearby. The night before I tried to get a hold of the key, but the guys with the key were not around. I tried to contact them again in the morning to get the key, but I was unsuccessful. I thought I wasn’t going to fly that weekend.

As I was having my cup of coffee that morning, I started chatting about it with Zac and he said I could borrow his Wills Wing Falcon 4 195 demo gliderI wasn’t too sure, I mean, I used to fly the 145 and this one is 50 sq feet bigger. He said it should not be a problem, so I accepted. I went to go see him and grabbed the Falcon 195. I still wanted to go to McClure or Dunlap, but Dunlap was too far at this time, and, although McClure was doable, I wasn’t sure I wanted a thermal site with a bigger glider I’m used to. I ended up going to Ed Levin instead.


At Ed Levin, I flew twice. Once from the 300-foot hill and a second time from the top (1750 feet). What a great experience! The glider is big, very big. I felt like a tandem pilot flying by myself. The glider felt slow and heavy in the air, but very comfy. I was able to fly it very well. Launching, turning, and landing was not a problem.

Overall, it ended up being a great flying day!

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