Consuegra, Spain

Over the Christmas break in Spain, I was looking for a place to fly. I own a Tecma Medium 13 (equivalent to the Falcon 145), so I wanted to find a place, not too far from where I stay, where I can go fly. I was looking for a place where I could go by myself without needing a retrieval, etc… And so I found Consuegra.

This place is perfect, double-ridged, 300-foot. An hour and 20 minutes away. Easy access to the top with a parking lot, and a road down at the bottom of the hill. Empty fields, miles long, in front, which means clean, laminar air. And then the scenery. Old, historic, windmills (taken right out of El Quixote), and a medieval castle at the end of the ride.

In this photo, you can see the top of the ridge. It’s not too long, maybe a quarter mile or so. We’re looking North, and the wind was coming from the West. It was a light day,


Even though it was a very light day, when it comes to wind speed, it was good enough to soar for a bit. You could feel the light breeze at the bottom of the hill as well, which means that the pressure built up all the way to the top.


What I thought would be around a 1 minute flight, ended up being a 17 minute flight. After about that time, a big cloud came in and the wind died. It was a very weak day to fly anyway.


This is the hill, or ridge, looking at it from the “LZ”.


I had my car parked up on top. I broke down the glider and walked it. About a 10-minute walk, or less, if you’re not too tired.


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